Roofing Warranties

Roofing warranties typically do not warrant that the roof system will not leak or is suitable for the project where it is installed. Even the most comprehensive manufacturer warranties that cover materials and workmanship generally provide only that the manufacturer will repair leaks that result from specific causes specified in the warranty. A material-only warranty typically provides only that the manufacturer will provide replacement material.

Roofing consumer’s are best served by manufacturers who:

  • Focus their sales efforts primarily on the relevant and proven merits of those products and systems best designed to serve the specific needs of a roofing consumer’s.
  • Base warranties for membranes or systems solely upon an honest and realistic appraisal of their proven service lives, contingent upon the financial ability and good faith of the issuer to honor those warranties for the duration of the warranty term.
  • Clearly and conspicuously state in writing all recommended and required owner maintenance responsibilities during the projected service life of the roof and warranty term.
  • Explain the consumer’s primary responsibility to provide periodic routine maintenance during the service life of the roof system.

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