Production Standards & Quality Control

  • Recognition
    Cal-OSHA:Golden Gate Partnership
    CertainTeed:Select Shingle Roofer
    Owens Corning:Platinum Contractor

Our Goal at Town & Country Roofing is to:

  • Make sure roofs are installed according to Town & Country’s standards with the correct material for each job.
  • Communicate with the owner of the company or the homeowner promptly about any issues that need clarification.
  • Workmanship will be of the highest quality.
  • Dry rot will not be covered over.
  • All roof flashings will be painted where there is exposure.
  • The grounds on and around customer job sites will be 100% clean of roof debris and workmen personal debris on a daily basis. (This includes soda cans, paper bags, cigarette butts, & sunflower seeds.) Roof debris should be piled on the roof or ground in one or two piles at the end of each work day.
  • Town & Country Roofing personnel will be courteous and respectful to all company owners, homeowners, their neighbors, and their property.
  • No loud music should be played during work progress.
  • Roofs in progress will be in water tight condition during rainy periods.
  • Permits will be posted and inspections passed for each job site.
  • Town & Country Roofing job signs will be posted at each job site with the permission of the customer.
  • Call backs or any issues will be handled immediately.

The warranty for the workmanship and installation of your roof depends on the material and product used in roofing your home. A separate product warranty is offered by the manufacturer of the roofing tiles or shingles that were used to roof the home.

It should be noted that there is maintenance required on the part of the homeowner for the new roof system. This may include periodic cleaning at the valleys, walls, and vent flashings. All such areas should be cleaned of any debris that may accumulate. If debris is allowed to accumulate at such areas, it may result in damage to the underlying roof membrane and can possibly lead to leaking and interior damage. The roof flashings should also be painted on a regular basis to keep the metal from rusting.

After installation, the roof will be thoroughly checked for the absence of any broken tiles and to confirm that your roof was properly installed. Town & Country’s jobsite superintendent will sign for this final walk through inspection after it is performed. Any damaged tiles or shingles found after the final inspection will be the responsibility of the homeowner. Therefore, if there are any damaged shingles at the window and/or skylight locations after this inspection, it will be the responsibility of the homeowner to have this fixed. The exception would be that any damaged shingles that are noted at the time of the homeowner’s walk through will be fixed by Town & Country Roofing. Should the home be repainted, solar panels installed, or bird protection installed at anytime after the final walk through inspection, any broken tiles or shingles will be the responsibility of the homeowner.